New 2018 Freeride Lineup Is In!

Our downhill freeride longboards are some of the best longboards on the market for getting you cruising in a hurry!


Dropdown Longboards

Some Of The Best Longboards are dropdown longboards due to the stability and ease of riding they provide.

Drop Down Longboard Skateboard Deck Only            Best Drop Down Longboard           Best Drop Down Longboard

Bamboo Longboards

The best longboards are bamboo longboards  if you are looking for a fine tuned look!

Drop Down Through Longboard Complete           Bamboo Longboard Complete Skateboard            Best Bamboo Longboard


Longboards For Sale

Flippin Board Co Longboard Manufacturer Of Longboard Completes Best Longboards For Your Riding Style We have Hundreds Of Longboards For Sale We Manufacture Only Original Longboards We Are The Longboard Store That Cares​ Established in 2015. However, Mark Houghton has been Producing ideas and concept longboards since 2006 for major manufacturers in the USA. Bringing a whole new brand to the market using the latest design and longboard concepts has become our goal and passion. Our boards are now available here: SHOP NOW We’ll soon be hitting local surfshops around the country as well as several major retailers who have chosen to pick up this awesome concept.

Variety Of Products

At Flippin Board Co, we offer several models to suit all rider types and skill levels. If you want a beach cruiser, or a highly skilled Dancer Longboard, we have you covered 🙂

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Flippin Board Co Bone Collector Freeride Longboard Deck NO GRIP

The BONE COLLECTOR by FLIPPIN BOARD CO is a great board for Long Distance Pushers, commuters, and freeride specialists. This board is small and light so it’s extremely easy to push and carry around. It features a deep radial concave which gets the standing platform really low to the ground. This makes pushing and foot braking a lot easier with …

Flippin Board Co Floral Logo T Shirt Black

These are hot! Pick yourself up one before they are gone. In summary, you need one. Available in size S, M, L, And XL.

Flippin Board Co Tropical Logo Snapback Hat

Picking up a new ride, Well dont forget the stylish look of this awesome snapback! Be the coolest little birdie in the neighborhood as this hat is great for a nice skate sesh or a night on the town. A must have for the seasoned skater.

Flippin Board Co Mini Riptide Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

Check out the all new mini cruiser from Flippin Board Co. At just the right length of 31.5 inches long and 10 inches wide, it will be sure to produce a fun ride! Be sure you check out the wild concave that is perfect for kickflips and other such tricks.
Why Buy This Cruiser?
Its awesome:-)
Check Out These Features!
180mm Black Longboard Trucks
Red …

Meet The Flippin' Team



President- Team Rider

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National Sales Rep



Mia Thompson

Mia Thompson

We ordered 2 flippin boards during the Christmas season from Adam and the customer service and support were amazing. He was very knowledgeable about his product and made us feel comfortable when making our purchase we even got one of their hats and shirts. Great quality as well.

darren godson

darren godson

I called flippin boards on February 9th to ask about ordering some boards for my wife and myself . We are big paddle boarders and wanted to try something different. We saw these guys riding in Clearwater Beach fl and got their cards and thought it was awesome. Mark was my contact and he was able to answer any questions I had . I would up calling back two days later spoke to Mark again and i was impressed he remembered our whole conversation. Talk about awesome products and excellent customer service.

Ziana Colera

Ziana Colera

I wanted something to cruise on the ucf campus with and thought it was great to support local. I saw a facebook ad and went with a Flippin Board Co sparrow. What a great board! I get compliments daily!




The Signature Series is now available! CHECK IT OUT!

Snapback Hat in 3 Colors!!

Pick Up one of our best selling snapback hats today! Perfect For skating the circuit or shredding the neighborhood.. Available in black with red, blue, or white lettering.


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