The Drop Down Longboard Deck (Drop Through)

Wanna go fast on a longboard? If you are just picking up the hobby, most recommend a drop down drop through longboard like the Heron  , Hawk

or Bluejay. You will be amazed at the stability of these longboards as you are approaching faster speeds. This is due to how low you are to the ground

giving you the rider a much better center of gravity. With this in mind, your fear of faster speeds will quickly go away! Heres a tip- You can easily mount

the trucks normally on bottom of any drop through deck once you are more confident with being farther from the pavement.


The Top Mount Downhill Longboard Deck

By saying top mount deck, we mean that the trucks would be mounted normally on the bottom of the deck. When flying around sharp corners at high speeds, this allows you to get a better grip on

the pavement. When travelling at high speeds with the need to slide to adjust your speed, most riders prefer this type of down hill longboard. Further more, In our opinion, if you have any riding experience or the burning desire to hit blazing speeds, we recommend a top mount like the Signature Series Downhill Longboard , Roadrunner Downhill Longboard , or The Sparrow Downhill Longboard . Happy hill dropping!


Choosing Deck Dimensions

For riding downhill, you will always want a stiff deck. A shorter deck may heave you unstable at higher speeds if you are inexperienced and the longer decks will lack agility at high speeds. If you are unsure which to pick, any between 38 inches in length and 43 inches in length should work for you. Width isnt much of an issue. As a result, Any between 9′ and 10.5″ is perfect!



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