Choosing Deck Shape

Not just any old longboard deck will be suitable for freeride longboarding. A good starting point would be to choose a firm deck with little flex. This adds control in those tight slides. According to our poll with over 50 downhill / freeride longboarders, drop through and drop decks got the ravest reviews when getting setup for freeride. We have several available here on the site.


Some of the newer dropdown longboards that have been introduced like the Flippin Board Co Roadrunner and Sparrow are designed to be low to the ground with a rocker concave to lock in your feet in some hairy slides.

Intermediate Riders

Drop through decks can be very eye appealing and are popular as they tend to be easier to construct and much lighter in weight. We recommend a deck like the Flippin Board Co Bone Collector (Coming April 2018) at this level. In general, remember to choose a deck with little to no flex for an optimum ride 😉

Dimensions Of Your Deck

Ideally, for freeride purposes, we recommend a deck that ranges from 37 to 42 inches in length. If you go much shorter than this you lose all of your stability. If you go longer, the board may get a bit too heavy and awkward to maneuver. The width is up to you. Most riders we interviewed like a board between 8.5″ and 10.5″ wide with a deep concave for your feet to settle into.

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