How To Choose A Freeride Deck

Choosing Deck Shape Not just any old longboard deck will be suitable for freeride longboarding. A good starting point would be to choose a firm deck with little flex. This adds control in those tight slides. According to our poll with over 50 downhill / freeride longboarders, drop through and drop decks got the ravest reviews when getting setup for freeride. We have several available here on the site. Beginners Some of the newer dropdown[…]

Downhill Longboard Complete Skateboard Cruiser Freeride

Choosing The Correct Deck For Downhill Longboarding

The Drop Down Longboard Deck (Drop Through) Wanna go fast on a longboard? If you are just picking up the hobby, most recommend a drop down drop through longboard like the Heron  , Hawk or Bluejay. You will be amazed at the stability of these longboards as you are approaching faster speeds. This is due to how low you are to the ground giving you the rider a much better center of gravity. With this[…]

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