How to solve squeaky trucks? Here is a simple solution:

First,  take your trucks off your board and clean them with any cloth. Get some skate wax and put a little between the rubbers in your pivot cup.  You can use oil, but wax is recommended as it will not attract dirt as fast. When you put your longboard back together you may see traces of the wax, but that will go away.

​If you have not done this before it is best to take off one truck at the time and fix it first before taking off the next one.  It is really simple but you have to be careful to do it the right way. Once you finish putting it back together, Go tear up the neighborhood and your annoying sound should dissapear 🙂

How To Easily Take Out Your Longboard Bearings

​1. Remove wheel nut with skate tool or ratchet tool.
2. Set nut and speed washer aside in a safe place.
3. Place wheel on 3/4 of the way and push down towards you and 1st bearing will pop out.
4. Repeat and pop out 2nd bearing.
5. Repeat for all 4 wheels and you are done 🙂

Pumping On A Longboard

In This video, we show you how to properly pump your longboard skateboard. The motion should be comfortable and flowing. Simply turn left and right repeatedly keeping an even center of balance. This will be great exercise and keep you moving!